Barry’s Family Memories

True to form.

True to form.


The typical young family.

This is a business Website, but along the way I will post something in the Family Interests column of the Site, as I promised.

I have three adult sons and two daughters who have families. Each were kind enough to write comments or just some memories for mine and Joan’s 50th wedding anniversary celebration last year (08/31/2012). Joan has been with The Lord due to cancer since 12/28/2012.

I was going through “stuff”‘ recently and I came across Barry’s (middle  son) type written card. I was compelled to share this with you:

“My favorite mental picture of my parents is from my childhood.

My parents are standing in the living room or kitchen and facing each other. Dad is holding Mom around the waist and Mom has her arms around his shoulders. They just stand there and talk to each other while 5 little blurs of children are running around.

I feel very happy and secure knowing and seeing that our parents are taking the time to put their marriage first and the most important relationship in the family unit.

I didn’t actually understand it to that deep level as a child, but now, when I stand in my own home and hold my own wife… I know that this moment where I pull my wife in close and give her all my attention is providing a special sense of happiness and security to my own children

Thanks Mom and Dad for leading the way! Happy Anniversary!”

Thank You Barry for allowing me to share with others. This could make an impact on lives in some families. Who knows?

I will get around to some of what our other kids had to say along the way as The Spirit leads.  Please leave your Comments in the form below. You can trust me with your information. …oh by the way: You are welcome to look around while you’re here and let me know your thoughts and suggestions about the Website and the Blogs. It would help me greatly.

Dan Snow,